Sauti Sol Introduces ‘Sauti Sol Chepkoilel Branch’

Kenya’s all boys band Sauti Sol have indeed put Kenya on the map as far as musical recognition is concerned. With numerous international awards under their belts, the band has proved to be the best there is on these sides of Sahara. Their success has not only earned them respect and admiration but also encouraged numerous artists into coming up with nothing but the best in matters music.



Ladies love them, their fans adore them and the media cannot have enough of them. These are some of the things that most Kenyans envy and would do just about anything to acquire the same. It is for this same reason that a group of young boys from Chepkoilel decided to come up with another version of Sauti Sol dubbed,’Sauti Sol Chepkoilel Branch.’

It is not clear whether the group is music oriented or just up for comedy but Sauti Sol themselves couldn’t help but fall in love with them and even went a step further to introduce them to the world. Through Savara Mudigi’s Facebook page,the group introduced their other version, ’Sauti Sol Chepkoilel Branch.’


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