Photo- Churchill Show Comedian MCA Tricky Unleashes New Look

Being a celebrity comes with a few demands and the one that matters a lot is your look. Celebs must always keep their wardrobes in check because image really matters when you are a famous person. We all know of Comedian MCA Tricky who appears at Churchill show. I mean his good jokes, heavy accent and most of all what he wears. He loves his chokora outfit.


The outfit includes some funny looking trousers, an extra large blazer and a red Tee. The comedian’s star has been glowing bright and he has slowly become one of Kenya’s chief entertainers. The Comedian once lived I the streets and his talent took him off the streets. Well, if you thought that MCA Tricky knows no other clothes then you are wrong.

The comedian is slowly taking another sense of fashion. He was recently pictured at the live recording of Churchill show with a totally different look. His fans have showered him with praise for taking that step. Check out the photo below.

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